This is the Criteria for a Millennial Dream House

This is the Criteria for a Millennial Dream House-A millennial generation or generation Y are also known as generation me or echo boomers. Literally, there is no specific demographic in determining this generation.
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However, experts classify it according to the beginning and end of the year. The generation Y generation is formed for those born in 1980 - 1990, or early 2000, and so on. Early 2016 Ericsson issued 10 Consumer Lab Trends to predict various consumer desires.
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Ericsson's report was born based on interviews with 4,000 respondents spread across 24 world countries. Of these 10 trends, some of them are special attention to the behavior of the millennial generation.

In the report Ericsson noted, technology products will follow the lifestyle of the millennial community. Because behavioral shifts also change in tandem with technology. "New technology products will emerge as accommodations for technological change," said Ericsson Indonesia President Director Thomas Jul.

Throughout this year, several predictions delivered by Ericsson were proven. One of them, the behavior of choosing criteria for his dream house.
Millennial which now dominates the population of Indonesia is currently the target of all markets including housing. Current residential trends are adjusted primarily for millennials.
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Millennial has begun to change her lifestyle, including how to choose a place to live. In the midst of its busy life, millennials are considered to prefer housing that has or integrated public transportation facilities.

"A number of years ago there has been a switch in lifestyle. Where landed want to move to live in an apartment. Millennials now prefer transportation. So, private transportation becomes public transportation," explained Chief Advisor Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) Vivian Harsanto in media discussion on Friday (4/12/2019).

Buyers of residential areas connected to TOD or transit-oriented development are millennial. For information, TOD is a development scheme for an area that is connected to various public facilities such as mass transportation, such as MRT, LRT, busway, and so on.
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"If we look at buyers, in apartments located in the TOD it tends to be 35 years old millennial. This means millennial has been established, maybe couples," Vivian said.

In addition, millennial choice occupancy is the one that places affordable prices. Vivian explained that there are several regions that are still affordable for millennials. Areas with affordable prices are determined by their radius.

"For the most affordable areas in Jakarta, it is seen from the radius too," Vivian said.

The area in question is Depok, Pulo Gadung and Bekasi. According to him, the millennial determines that housing no longer sees location. Millennials don't mind staying outside the city center. Provided that the occupancy is facilitated by public transportation.

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